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Launch of FlexiBi "Crowd Development" for applications developement.

FlexiBi Group is launching on its website, a web and mobile application development tool based on “Crowd Development”.

As part of the improvement of its services, and in order to contribute significantly to the adoption of digital tools in Africa, FlexiBi Group is launching a new tool on its website based on "Crowd Development".

This service consists of bringing together within a single platform, project leaders, developers and designers, and implementing the solutions by organizing the work in microtasks executed by the members of the virtual teams.

The advantages of this methodology are well established. Indeed, the development time of the solutions is considerably reduced and, working on several projects at the same time is made possible.

In addition, the service has a development monitoring feature for the project leader, task management for developers and designers, and a messaging system for all the actors involved in the project.

Registration and project submissions are free, as is the development of certain projects of public interest.

You have a project, or skills in digital tool development, register and participate in the adoption of digital in Africa.